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Meet Chalkboarder’s Award Winning Beverage Consultant Jabriel Donohue

One of the core services Chalkboarder offers clients is hospitality consulting. We love startups, enjoy operational consults and try to stay away from consulting hospitality businesses that are shutting down (those aren’t fun).

I’m very excited to announce the latest addition to our Consultant Roster here at Chalkboarder. Please take a moment to meet award winning bartender extroardinaire and beverage encyclopedia Jabriel Donohue.

Jabriel Donohue - pleasing guests at Acadia Bistro (PDX)

Jabriel Donohue Bio

Jabriel is a Portland, Oregon based Bar Manager with experience mixing drinks and designing profitable, quality-focused beverage programs up and down the West Coast.  His business development philosophy centers on a trinity of ongoing employee training, product quality, and employee retention.  His mantra, which you may hear him muttering to himself from behind a glass of pastis is, “The worth of an establishment is measured by its patrons.”  With several nationally published and award winning drink recipes under his belt, Jabriel is excited to focus his attention on helping business owners create exciting, unique and profitable beverage programs that will drive sales and bring patrons back again and again.

Jabriel is thrilled to join the Chalkboarder team and looks forward to assisting our clients in developing long lasting business strategies and beverage programs.

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