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Lurkers in Social Media

Paul Paz (WaitersWorld) and Chalkboarder are co-managing a Social Media Optimization (SMO) for the Northwest Foodservice Show (April 3-4, 2011 in Portland OR).

The first week of 2011, Paul and I launched a SMO strategy for the Northwest Foodservice Show. The leading foodservice tradeshow for the Pacific Northwest, put on by the Washington Restaurant Association and the Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association, the Show did not have any social media presence.

We are very pleased with initial results, especially in Facebook. Yesterday we noticed that in a mere four weeks, with just over 100 people “liking” the fanpage, we’ve breached over 20,000 impressions.

An observation – there are a lot of “lurkers” on the social web – people or brands that do not “like” a fanpage, but still visit and pay attention.

I’ve been very impressed with Paul Paz’s work on the Show’s fanpage (we divied up: he handles the fanpage and I handle the Twitter/Youtube/Blog). He’s consistent, compelling and prolific in both messaging and being in conversations. To Paul – you rock, brother!

Jeffrey J Kingman

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