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A Chalkboarder Fighting Project

We’ve got an exciting new “barter client” to announce this month…

Alive Mixed Martial Arts PDX & Jana Simms Alive Boxing

Alive MMA

Chalkboarder’s CEO Jeffrey J Kingman will be chronicling his journey into boxing and mixed martial arts at this gym, one of the top MMA gyms in North America. His personal journey will be shared on his latest blog, Two Guys and a Fight, and distributed via social media networks.

In addition, Chalkboarder will be providing continual social media consulting to Alive MMA’s management and members.


Northwest Center for Photography – new client

We’re very excited this afternoon to announce a new relationship with Northwest Center for Photography and iWitness Gallery, in Portland Oregon. The Northwest Center for Photography offers classes and workshops for both professional, avocational and beginner photographers. Instructors include the former White House (USA) Chief Photo Editor and Sunset Magazine Director of Photography. The iWitness Gallery offers rotating exhibits from some of the world’s finest photographers.

“We’re extremely excited to consult Northwest Center for Photography and iWitness Gallery on their social web optimization. Compelling imagery is incredibly valuable in a digital world; photography schools, like NCP, that take advantage of the connectivity and community building available through the social web are able to not only achieve full enrollments, but also expand reputations. Photographers able to maximize their presence online can see their art increase in valuation and reputation” says Jeffrey J Kingman, CEO of Chalkboarder.

Chalkboarder is providing Northwest Center for Photography and iWitness Gallery with social media consulting and seminars on social media for professional and avocational photographers.

Brazilian Coffee Exporter NUCOFFEE and PDX-based Pail Design – new client

We’re very excited this morning to announce our newest international client, NUCOFFEE, based in Brazil. NUCOFFEE focuses on providing the best green coffee beans from Brazil to roasters around the world.

Chalkboarder was retained by Pail Design (Portland, OR), marketing representative of NUCOFFEE, to provide complete Social Media Optimization of NUCOFFEE to North America. The mission of this SMO Plan is to connect North American coffee roasters and consumers with Brazilian coffee producers/farmers.

“The beverage industry just became a natural fit for us after working with many beverage clients over the last ten years. We take pride in helping our international clients such as NUCOFFEE (based in Sao Paulo, Brazil) grow and gain awareness through all kinds of mediums while staying on top of the technological wave” said Jessica Bernert, owner of Pail Design.

“Connecting consumers, roasters and coffee shops with top Brazilian coffee farmers and producers is a natural extension of Chalkboarder’s social media competencies. We’ve been in the specialty coffee and tea industry for two years, building relationships internationally for other clients, such as Coffee Fest Tradeshows. Social media optimization provides NUCOFFEE and Pail Design the ability to create a lasting village” says Jeffrey J Kingman, CEO of Chalkboarder. “We’re very excited to work with NUCOFFEE and Pail Design, creating a global community.”

For more information please contact:

Jeffrey J Kingman : (503) 481-2479 :


Pail Design

Pail Design, is a ten year old, Portland, Ore. Based creative agency which specializes in the food and beverage industry. Made-up of Art Director and owner, Jessica Bernert who has worked continually with Barista Magazine, and clients such as: Aviation Gin, Portland Roasting Coffee, Domain De Canton, with business partner and web director Gregory Spies.

Pail does two things very well: Make things look better for happy clients, and loving what they do, passionately.


NUCOFFEE. You may be trying to imagine the meaning of this unusual name.

NU is a modern abbreviation for new. NUCOFFEE is a new way of thinking the coffee chain. Simple, more humane and transparent.

NUCOFFEE connects growers, cooperatives and roasters in a transparent business partnership. We offer support and integration through commercialization of quality coffee, helping to create a closer relationship between demand and origin.

Our commitment is to value the origin and recognize the producer, promoting quality excellence, adding real value and creating effective evolution throughout the coffee chain.

NUCOFFEE is an initiative of Syngenta, leading company in agribusiness that reinforces our commitment with a sustainable agriculture.


Chalkboarder creates interlocked and interdependent villages for brands, organizations and consumers internationally. We offer strategic brand and concept development, relationship engineering and social web optimization. Discover more of our core competencies here.

A Mildly Dissatisfied Customer Service Experience #Custserv

February 10, 2011 3 comments

Update – Hootsuite kindly responded in the comments.

Many of you know that I have co-hosted a weekly chat on Customer Service since late 2009. With over 77,000 tweets since April in this chat (#custserv), we’ve discussed much about best customer service practices across industries.

Early this week, I had an experience with Hootsuite, that left me disillusioned, mildly dissatisfied and a bit cynical about their Customer Service Department.

I’ve been using Hootsuite for over half a year, to manage both personal and client social media (one of the tools). I love it’s functionality, especially being able to group accounts/streams into tabs.

During the time I’ve been using Hootsuite, there have been several times a day where messages would not post to Facebook personal and fanpage accounts. I’ve dealt with it. I’ve known that they have an API issue with Facebook for months.

I’ve been a paying subscriber since they moved to a subscription format.

Beginning Sunday night, however, it all crashed. I kept getting session key errors and fails to post messages. I spent about eight hours between Sunday night and Tuesday researching their Help FAQ, user community blogs, etc., seeking an answer. Finally, fed up and frustrated, I reached out on Monday afternoon. They got back to me on Tuesday, mid-day. Here’s the exchange:

Jeffrey J Kingman
@hootsuite_help Are you guys having issues with Facebook again?
HootSuite Helpers
@jeffreyjkingman What is the issue you’re experiencing with your Facebook connections? ^DL
Jeffrey J Kingman
@HootSuite_Help complete fail on facebook connectivity, multiple fanpages and personal accts
Jeffrey J Kingman
@HootSuite_Help have already done help blog solutions many times.
HootSuite Helpers
@jeffreyjkingman Have you attempted testing in a new browser after clearing cookies and cache? ^DL
HootSuite Helpers 

@JeffreyJKingman Our operating hours are 9am-6pm PST. Tickets are answered in priority sequence. ^CT
HootSuite Helpers 

@jeffreyjkingman This is a known bug that Facebook has been working on: ^DL
Jeffrey J Kingman 

@hootsuite_help Update #3 on is dated Dec. 29. Any resolution in sight? #custserv
Jeffrey J Kingman 

@hootsuite_help With 1000s of paying users worldwide, would it make sense to pay $80,000/year for 24 hr help desk?#custserv
Jeffrey J Kingman 

@hootsuite_help Cleared cache/cookies. Tested on Chrome, Rockmelt and Firefox last night. #custserv
HootSuite Helpers 

@jeffreyjkingman It does continue to be a bug with Facebook’s API. We’re anxiously awaiting their solution on this. ^DL
Jeffrey J Kingman 

@hootsuite_help I’m frustrated/not angry. There is a disconnect between your marketing/what product can do.#custserv
Jeffrey J Kingman
@hootsuite_help Hootsuite Brand Promise // Product Disconnect #custserv
Jeffrey J Kingman 

@hootsuite_help I love the product – when it works as promised. #custserv
HootSuite Helpers 

@jeffreyjkingman Please read the Support Captain’s Note on this issue, particularly the section on Facebook functionality
Jeffrey J Kingman
@hootsuite_help I have used Hootsuite/FB for months with spotty issue. It’s complete fail at this point.#custserv
Jeffrey J Kingman 

@hootsuite_help Yes, I’ve read that blogpost about a dozen times since November #custserv
HootSuite Helpers 

@jeffreyjkingman Good! Since November, we continue to document the issue. When the status changes, we’ll give everyone an update. ^CT
Jeffrey J Kingman 

@HootSuite_Help So in other words, I should stop depending on Hootsuite to manage Facebook accounts. #custserv

And that is it. No further interaction from Hootsuite.

Here are my points:

  • There’s a broken, or at least mildly unsustainable, brand promise issued by Hootsuite; that one will be able to manage postings across social networks, including Facebook, with ease and dependability. See this snapshot.
  • When a social media tech company has 1000s of paying customers spread around the world, having a help desk that only operates nine hours a day on Pacific time isn’t providing good customer service. What would that cost be? Hiring two reps, one for swing shift and the other for graveyard?
  • I had stated early in the conversation that this issue was repeating and that I had used all of their existing information over the previous months. They then referred me to a blogpost from November (which I’d already read and stated I’d read).
  • The end of the dialogue was weak. Simply congratulating a customer that they’ve done everything suggested, and leaving the customer frustrated – what? It doesn’t feel like good customer service practice.

My point in blogging this is a deep desire to better the practice of customer service across industries. I’m curious to hear what others think; if you would have handled it differently, if you think Hootsuite’s customer service was adequate or excellent (or abysmal) and any other opinions.

Meanwhile, to Hootsuite, I’m not satisfied. I’m not angry either. But the exchange and your Customer Service response felt trivialized; almost a brush off. I’ll keep using it and paying for it, but if another product appears with equal or better features, I’ll probably switch.

Jeffrey J Kingman, CEO, Chalkboarder

BF&T Beard House Dinner Update (Social Media)

Just a quick update looking at metrics from a two week Facebook Fanpage campaign for Berkshire Farm & Table’s push into social media over the last month.

The Facebook Fanpage for Berkshire Farm & Table was launched on January 23rd, 2011. As of this afternoon, this fanpage has had over 25,340 post views in under two weeks. Nice job on social media optimization, BF&T!

Oregon Wineries Social Media: Informal Survey

February 5, 2011 3 comments

On Thursday, February 3, I spoke about social media to 70+ Oregon wineries at Stoel Rives LLP’s 4th Annual Wine Law Summit at the Allison Inn & Spa in Newberg, OR.

At the beginning, as I do with every speaking engagement on social media, I asked the conference some social media assessment questions. Here are the questions and responses:

Q: How many of you (wineries) have a Facebook Fanpage? A: 40% +/-

Q: How many of you are tweeting? A: 25-30% +/-

Q: How many of you are on LinkedIn? A: < 5%

Q: How many of you have a branded YouTube channel? A: <2%

Very intriguing results. In a conversation with Rick Bakas, @RickBakas, (the very first winery social media director – ever) prior to my speaking engagement, we talked about what some of the challenges for wineries are in adopting social media.

One topic that I find especially intriguing is – how can wineries use social media optimization to help restaurants and wine shops sell more wine – and to sell their (the winery’s) wines?

I believe that the answer lies in compelling and diverse messages. I’d be very curious to hear your thoughts on this – how can wineries leverage social media to their benefit? Also, please go over to Rick Bakas’ site and show him some lovin’!

The slides from my presentation at the Wine Law Summit can be found here: Winery SMO.

Jeffrey J Kingman

1st Time: Social Media from James Beard House Kitchen

February 5, 2011 1 comment

Last night, six chefs from the Berkshire Farm & Table collective prepared and served a multi-course dinner at the James Beard House in NYC. A significant social media production, front-line managed by Angela Cardinali, created and distributed hundreds of pictures and video content from the kitchen during the dinner.

James Beard photo by Ken Steinhoff

Angela shared with Chalkboarder this morning that during the dinner, a James Beard Foundation representative told the assembled diners that it was the first time a formal social media campaign had been produced from an event at the Beard House.

Chalkboarder is humbled that we were able to play a small part in assisting the Berkshire Farm & Table group in spreading word, not only about the event, but also about their passion with local chef/local farmer relations. Way to go, BF&T!! You have pioneered a new realm in culinary social media!